My laptop sleeve.

It’s that time of the year again. Time to step back, review your priorities, sort things out, eliminate noise and simplify to focus. So I did a little cleansing recently in my life ;) and updated my manifesto. 2021 version looks like this

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The end of the year is coming, it’s time to press pause, step back and reflect on that very odd 2020 millesime. I do this kind of retro from time to time and I now keep a Trello list of my learnings.

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I am currently emptying my house before moving out (hopefully). You know how it goes, the bigger the space the more clutter. I have a big house and 3 annexes to rid of toys, tools, bikes, books and all the stuff a family of 4 can amass.

That ‘throw it…

A loooong time ago I used to be a developer. One of my last contacts with the coding world was with Ruby on Rails, one of the first MVC architecture frameworks. I remember loving the elegance and the conciseness of both Ruby and the Rails framework. What I also liked…

Qu’est-ce qui nourrit votre petite flamme ? (Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash)

Dans cette période encore trouble qui a bouleversé nos façons de travailler, certaines organisations cherchent comment (re)motiver leurs collaborateurs dans un contexte de forte incertitude. Beaucoup ont d’ailleurs pu découvrir à cette occasion les principes de l’effectuation pour naviguer dans un monde devenu chaotique.

Dans ce billet j’aimerais faire le…

No roadmap through uncertainty.

There simply is no “innovation roadmap”. Roadmaps are delineated, logical and optimized paths leading from A to B, on a map (Oh, and someone has already explored this territory to be able to draw a map out of it).

Innovation is discovering a new unmapped territory and it’s a messy…

Becky Hammon the first-ever female head coach in the NBA’s Summer League for the Spurs and the first female NBA head coach to win a Summer League title.

By coaching I mean guiding a group of individuals from “what are we here for again?” to “now that we stated the right problem and that we actually share the same purpose, let’s act on it” with simple tools and process.

For the past 4 weeks I have been remotely…

Il n’y a pas que le .com dans la vie, il y aussi le .design ! …

Il y a un an tout pile, je quittais le Shift pour rejoindre Zenika. C’est la plus belle aventure que j’aie vécue jusqu’ici, d’un point de vue humain et d’un point de vue professionnel.

J’y ai trouvé une tribu, du challenge, et toutes les valeurs qui me sont très chères…

Le Minimum Viable Product est un concept souvent mal interprété du Lean Startup. Pour comprendre ce qu’il recouvre vraiment il faut revenir à l’essence de la méthode : Lean Startup a été conçue pour aider les porteurs de projets à APPRENDRE avant de manquer de ressources.

L’état d’esprit de la…

Karine Sabatier

Launching innovative projects requires a change of mindset. I’m exploring that - and helping others to do so as well. Proud member of the Zenika tribe.

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